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Wouldn't get on a bike without taking this course...no one should!

Posted: 935 days ago

I took the novice course as a self dare...conquer the fear. With in the first two hours of the actual riding portion of the course, I knew I was hooked. I had only ever handled a motorbike once in my life and that was in my preteen years...I am 50 now....sorry I waited so long, but I can honestly say, I would have never EVER done this without the confidence and guidance provided by the expert staff at the VISC. The theory and practical class is paced so that you are able to completely grasp what is being taught. They are in no rush, you learn at a very realistic pace. The instructors are very personable and extremely PATIENT teachers. This course should be an ICBC prerequisite for any new motorcycle riders, regardless of years as a driver, motorcycles are DIFFERENT...and they teach you that here!

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