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Excellent! These courses should be mandatory!

Posted: 922 days ago

I recently completed both the 4-day Novice and 2-day Traffic Skills courses... and I'm amazed how much I learned in this training. I had experience riding a scooter prior, but never any clutch/foot gear coordination experience. The theory and practical lessons led by top notch instructors (mine were Dave, Debra and Ron over the 3 weekends) were presented in a logical way, that built our skills and our confidence.

The Novice course is geared towards control of the bike and mastering the skills needed to pass the MSA (stage one of clearing license restrictions). The practical learning is done in the parking lot, with no risk of interacting with traffic. But be prepared for fatigue! There is a lot of learning and repetition, all done in a safe space where mistakes are part of learning. The classroom theory sounds boring, but it really helps to reinforce the rules, and what to think about as a motorcycle rider. By then end, I saw how everything came together to create a well-rounded learning package.

The Traffic Skills is 2 long days of riding on the roads. We drove 250km in about 15 hours over the 2 days of learning! Over those two days, you take your basic skills and knowledge (learned at the Novice course) and apply them in the "real world" - we started out on side roads and even ventured through downtown Victoria... we got out to East Sooke/Metchosin area, and by Sunday we were riding back to Western Speedway from West Saanich via Munns Rd! My Traffic Skills instructor (Ron) was great at watching us and assessing our skills, providing timely feedback and preparing us for what to expect in the routes. Our routes definitely evolved with our skill and confidence - we drove some pretty incredible roads!

All in all, this has been a great experience in a positive and supportive learning environment. I don't know how people learn without these courses!?! Personally, I feel they should be mandatory! I can say, 100% these are worth the time & money! I know I'll be a better and safer rider for taking these classes, and probably a better car driver too!

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Vancouver Island Safety Council

Reply from Vancouver Island Safety Council

Posted: 921 days ago

So happy to hear of your positive experiences with our Novice and Traffic training programs Jessica! Thank you for your thorough review of our courses. You made a smart investment in your riding knowledge, skills and career! So glad we could help you to become a safer and more confident rider (it's what we do). Make sure to keep in touch and tell us all about your riding adventures!

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